The Bathtub Refinishing Process

Bathtubs, sinks, countertops, and showers can be made of porcelain, steel, cast iron, cultured marble, or fiberglass. Whether you want the "spider-web" marks in a tub to disappear, wanting to eliminate rust stains, or simply have a desire a change in your fixture's color, we are your source.

The process we use is a two-component acrylic, similar to an epoxy, only in that it is a two-part mixture, but that's where the similarity begins and ends. Unlike the process we use, most epoxies will dry hard, but they are also brittle, and over time, they will yellow. Because some surfaces, like fiberglass and steel tubs, have a tendency to "flex" when you step into them, the key to our process is that it can expand and contract (flex) with hot and cold water - without cracking out - while maintaining the desired color.

What you end up with is a bathtub that looks, feels, and cleans like porcelain, and is extremely easy to keep clean. After refinishing, it usually takes no more than a washcloth and a very mild liquid or foam cleaner to clean it.

A DIY Refinishing Job:
Bathtub Refinishing
The refinishing products available to consumers have nowhere near the resilience and adherence neccessary to hold up. Below is the same bathtub as above after a professional bathtub refinishing with a five year warranty.
Bathtub Refinishing
When you inevitably call in a professional refinisher to fix your failed DIY refinishing, the damage done by the typical DIY bathtub refinishing kit will result in extra work and additional charges. Think twice before you try it, and read on to learn more...

Preparing for Refinishing

Preparation steps differ depending on the type of tub surface (porcelain vs. fiberglass or cultured marble) being refinished. However, some steps are the same. For example, on all tubs, we remove the old caulking and thoroughly clean the surface with special cleaners.

On porcelain tubs, tiles, and sinks, we use a solution to etch the surface. On cultured marble and fiberglass tubs and sinks, we use a bonding agent and/or wet-dry sandpaper to "rough up" the surface. This preparation gives our process something to adhere to and bonds our surface to of the original. All surfaces to be glazed will also receive a solvent bath as part of the cleaning process.

If the surface has been glazed or coated in the past, it will most likely need to be stripped of the old finish prior to re-glazing. The surface may only need to be sanded off, however an aggressive stripping agent may be necessary. Every solution we use is safe for all types of plumbing.

All areas not being refinished are protected by drop cloths, protective paper, and masking tape.

Primer and Top Coats

After the surface is prepared, a primer coat is applied. This is a powerful bonding agent (that shares common properties with the top coat) which doesn't just cover the surface, but actually becomes part of the tub surface. After the primer is applied, top coats follow. The quantity of top coats varies with each job, but usually 3 coats are utilized.


From start to finish, all of this work takes about 4 to 5 hours for a standard bathtub, depending upon the complexity of the job. The process will leave the tub ready to use in about 4 hours. The masking paper can be carefully removed and the tub can be re-caulked after 4 hours and you are READY TO USE IT!

To put the "downtime" into perspective, you can look at it this way. If we're refinishing your tub on a Monday, you can use the tub that morning before we arrive, and then you can use it again on Tuesday morning once the tape has been removed and the tub is caulked.

Care and Maintenance of Your New Finish

Despite extravagant claims some competitors make to the contrary, a reglazed surface is not a factory-finished porcelain surface. A factory sheen or finish is obtained on baked porcelain using tremendous heat under strictly controlled conditions. Our finish is an extremely durable, time-tested alternative to fixture replacement and with proper care will provide years and years of satisfaction. We do not claim that reglazing will provide an exact reproduction of a factory finish, and you would be wise to avoid any service which makes such a claim. What our finishing process will provide 99.9% of the time is a beautiful, shiny replica of the factory finish. Ambient lighting will also play a role in how your completed surface reflects and refracts light. If you have further questions concerning this, please contact us.

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